Index issue using count for multiple VMs with more than 1 disk

After initial provisioning of multiple VMs with multiple disks, it is not possible to increase the count of VMs or disks to scale out the infrastructure.
Initial provisioning of 2 VMs done with 2 disks the disk index will be as below

  1. vm1disk1
  2. vm2disk1
  3. vm1disk2
  4. vm2disk2
    So if we need to increase the count of VMs to 3, the 3rd disk in the already created disks is forced to be changed as the 1st disk of the 3rd VM will be added in that index.

sample plan:

-/+ module.node_rack1.azurerm_managed_disk.ssd_data_disk[2] (new resource required)
id: “/subscriptions//resourceGroups//providers/Microsoft.Compute/disks/node1-ssd02” => (forces new resource)
create_option: “Empty” => “Empty”
disk_size_gb: “2048” => “2048”
location: “eastus2” => “eastus2”
name: “node1-ssd02” => “node3-ssd01” (forces new resource)
resource_group_name: “”
source_uri: “” =>
storage_account_type: “StandardSSD_LRS” => “StandardSSD_LRS”
tags.%: “0” =>

Is there a way to use count without affecting the already created disks during scale out.