Init-time constants


A few months ago, I proposed a feature via a GitHub Issue (#32041). Since then, the feature was very slowly getting a few likes and I believe it was set aside, even though the proposal represents a fix that can handle multiple other issues which already accumulated a lot of likes and community support (as @crw also mentioned in one of the comments). For example, I counted the reactions from the issues I personally linked. It reaches around 2.000, and I am pretty sure I can find other requests that can be fixed with this feature.

I started this discussion thread to avoid polluting the issue thread. I’d like to ask if there’s any possibility of starting a technical discussion regarding the proposal and see if it can fit on the roadmap at least as an experimental feature.

In my case, my team and I manage over 200 different state files, each with its own Terraform project and resources. 90% of those use replicated Terraform configuration code, which forces us to iterate over all the projects only to make a small change (upgrade a module version, add a new input to a module, etc.). With this feature, we can introduce unified code bases, which are configured from the caller environment, which will reduce the complexity of basic tasks to the bare minimum and drastically reduce the time spent on them.

Thank you!