Initial multi-node Consul cluster bootstrap with ACL enabled

Could you please help me there - I right understand that after I switched from acl_enforce_version_8 from false to true one acl_master_token was split to the three different tokens: acl_master_token, acl_agent_token and acl_agent_master_token?

And for the initial bootstrap of a multi-node Consul cluster, I need to use acl_agent_master_token and after that, I need to change it to the acl_master_token?

Because acl_master_token can be resolved only if a cluster is healthy, that I can’t join nodes to the cluster using acl_master_token.

Also, this is a really bad idea to set acl_master_token and acl_agent_token to one variable?

like this:

“acl_master_token”: “root”,
“acl_agent_token”: “root”,

Also, do we have instructions for best practice for Initial multi-node Consul cluster bootstrap with ACL enabled?
Because in every place where I read about cluster bootstrap - it describes only one node setup.