initialResponseSetting on AWS CreateIntent Request not visible on aws or awscc providers

Hi terraform people,

We are creating a solution based on AWS Lex and terraform to keep the track from the infrastructure as code. However, looking in the documentation for aws_lex_intent and awscc_lex_bot resources none of them speaks about the attribute “initialResponseSetting” documented in the API InitialResponseSetting - Amazon Lex API Reference
and we are needing this in order to stablish condition such as

conditionalBranches': [{'condition': {'expressionString': '[user_id_verified] ' 
                                                                                                       '= '
                                                                     'name': 'verified',
                                                                     'nextStep': {'dialogAction': {'type': 'StartIntent'},   
                                                                                  'intent': {'name': 'listen-for-new-intent',
                                                                                             'slots': {}},

so, someone could explain me how to do this? or is actually not implemented?

Thanks in advance.