Inject secret to an init container

Hello everyone,
I have a simple deployment with 1 main Pod and 1 InitContainer.

I successfully installed the vault in K8s, and my deployment without the init container works fine.

This is the template. annotations of my deployment: 'true' 'true' 'update' 'digify' "secret/digify/backend" |
  {{- with secret "secret/digify/backend" -}}
    "pass": "{{ }}"
  {{- end }}

But the problem is my init container is using this same secret, and I want to pass it to the init container too.

But apparently, this doesn’t automatically inject secret to the init containers (only main and sidecar containers)

How can I pass it on to the init containers too?

OK, I found it myself.

If we have init containers, we should add this annotation too: 'true'