Install error: SHA sum does not match

I have installed the HashiCorp Terraform extension from VSCode marketplace, but when I enable the extension in the workspace, this error is shown:
Install error: SHA sum for does not match

I have tried to install the extension from .vsix file but to the same result.

Kenneth ML

Hello @KennethMLdk,

There was an issue that some people were having with that 0.5.1 version and as of the 0.5.2 version, this has been fixed. I had that issue too, but this morning I was able to update to the 0.5.2 version of the language server without issue.

Let us know if that works for you now, or if you’re still seeing any issues!


Taylor Dolezal

Taylor is right about this being known issue and fixed in the latest version. I will just clarify that this was a VS Code extension bug which was fixed between 2.1.0 and 2.1.1:
(rather than language server bug)

Do let us know if you continue having issues in 2.1.1.

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