Installing CentOS from ISO on cloudstack

Hi Team,

I tried to install the centos from ISO using packer. Here is my code.

source “cloudstack” “centos” {
api_key = “My cloudstack API Key”
api_url = “My cloudstack API URL”
zone = “27efd513-9343-43be-a1a7-d1a854d85148”
disk_offering = “0789fa34-0d88-4ff9-a43f-ca6c9e2364f4”
hypervisor = “XenServer”
network = “25591049-15f7-425f-9ade-3b1593c2e41d”
secret_key = “”
service_offering = “5a6fe325-74c1-413f-8582-3e333ce63005”
source_iso = “7d7dfa0b-4e2e-44be-9e50-3cb63a52d00c”
ssh_username = “root”
ssh_private_key_file = “Loges-key.key”
template_display_text = “Centos7-x86_64 KVM Packer”
template_featured = true
template_name = “Centos7-x86_64-KVM-Packer”
template_os = “feb90e0c-7756-434f-8a9b-908ac9b4b711”
template_password_enabled = true
template_scalable = true

build {
sources = [“source.cloudstack.centos”]

When I used the packer build command, a virtual machine was built and I was asked to complete the installation. I created a kickstart file (ks.cfg) and saved it under c:\packer\templates\config folder. I’m unsure how to incorporate it into the script.

Could someone please assist me with this?