Installing software on a Azure server post configuration

Hi all,

Im pretty new to Terraform and have recently setup my code to spin up some server in Azure for the company I work for, uses some nice Modules for NSG’s and server config passing in plenty of parameters as part of the pipeline. But I want to take a step further and install some standard software for that type of server. Can anyone suggest where I start looking and how I go about doing this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @IeuanPayneIPO

Terraform is great for the infrastructure, things that the IaaS / PaaS provides. For the configuration of servers I prefer to use Ansible.

Server configuration and software changes much faster than infrastructure and requires much more complex provisioning flows.

There is an easy way to link Terraform and Ansible together with a Dynamic Inventory that pulls the Infrastructure details from the cloud provider and creates a list grouped by type of machine and tags.

I haven’t done it in Azure but I used to successfully run critical infrastructures and its software using Terraform and Ansible in AWS and I have published a series of detailed tutorials explaining Terraform and How to Link Ansible with Terraform.

I am very interested in other ideas and what others are doing to achieve the same need.

Please take a look and see if it works for your needs:

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That is fantastic thank you for the reply, I will take a look at the link you have provided. I appreciate your help!