Integrate a Kubernetes server with external vault

I try to connect my kubernetes server with external vault server, I followed this guide, without success. I suppose is a network bad configuration (Pod behaviour) so I would like to know which port or url need agent to communicate whit vault server.

Not enough information for troubleshooting. Which error message do you get?
One of the common issue with K8s auth method is the missing access from Vault to K8s API.

I stuck with Install the Vault server running in external mode, because the service isn’t addressable from within my app pod. So i suppose is a network issue between kubernetes servers (vault server and my app are on differents k8s server). I tested the connection with the commnad:
“kubectl exec myapp – curl -s http://external-vault:8200/v1/sys/seal-status | jq”
whitout response. Im searching about how to open that connecton but also i wonder if it is the only port i need or also gonna use another one, like 443.
Also i have doubt about configure the Kubernetes authentication method to use the service account token. The manual say that execute this command:
vault write auth/kubernetes/config
The kubernetes parametres is relative the vault host or my app host?

You may have a bunch of problems here. Split the task and troubleshoot the parts one by one. Try to have the Vault working and be available from outside. If you need a reference, you can provision a free SaaS HCP instance which is working out of the box.
By default you will need only one port 8200, unless you have a load balancer.