Integrating AWS Instance Names Dynamically into Boundary Host Entries

I’m currently using the Boundary host catalog plugin for AWS to dynamically retrieve and manage access to AWS EC2 instances. While the plugin successfully retrieves the instances and registers them as hosts within Boundary, the hosts are identified only by their instance IDs in the Boundary desktop client and CLI. For ease of use and better manageability, I’m interested in having the AWS EC2 instance names (typically set as the Name tag on instances) displayed as part of the host identifiers or names within Boundary.

I’ve reviewed the plugin documentation but haven’t found clear guidance on how to configure the plugin to include AWS instance names in the Boundary host entries.

Does the Boundary host catalog plugin for AWS support using instance Name tags (or other instance metadata) to name hosts in Boundary? If so, how can I configure my plugin to achieve this?

It looks like this was addressed on 0.14 version. Topic can be closed. Thanks.

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