Inter job networking (e.g. DB <-> backend)

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

I am very new to nomad & co and I am trying to understand how I do inter-job networking. Let’s say between a DB (postgres) and a backend job.

Could anyone help me here?

Stuff like bridging with sidecar or similar does not really work here.

Also, how do I best handle persistent storage like postgres in nomad?
Ideas I find with google look rather wrong :confused:


Hi @Yatekii and welcome.

how I do inter-job networking

There are a number of options here depending on your cluster and exact implementation requirements.

Nomad 1.3 introduced native service discovery which allows you to register and discover services using the Nomad API and job specification features. This Learn guide or the 1.3 announcement blog post would be a good starting points to discovery more information about this.

If you are also running Consul alongside you have two potential options for service discovery. The most secure would be to use Consul’s service mesh feature which has a great Learn track to provide a guide for utilising this feature. Consul can also provide service discovery if you do not wish to go down the service mesh route.

The Nomad website also has additional information regarding integration with Consul.

how do I best handle persistent storage

There are a number of options here as explained by this Learn track, however, I believe CSI would be most useful to you.

jrasell and the Nomad team