Internal Server Error - Active Context Canceled

I’m currently working with Vault and running some tests with a prototype that reads secrets from a KV engine. I have run into the following internal server error message but could not explain why this is occurring:

“Active context canceled after getting state lock”

This error does not seem to be persistent (e.g., it is only running into this error occasionally) which makes it difficult to understand how and why it is caused. Would appreciate any pointers or explanations for this errors.

Thank you!

“active context cancelled” means that as Vault was about to service the request, it noticed that it was no longer able to do so, as that cluster node is now preparing to switch to a mode where it doesn’t handle any traffic. That mode switch might be:

  • shutting down entirely
  • sealing
  • stepping down from being the active HA cluster node
  • (Enterprise only) ceasing to serve as a performance standby

Instances of this error outside of known system maintenance suggest the Vault cluster is unhealthy in some way, and the server logs are usually the next point to investigate.

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