Invalid character

when i try to destroy a resources i receive following error :

Error: Invalid character

on line 4:

5�↑zN)S�¶bxr���|ei������������?�’F �↔vMG�qq♦�I����P�=�Ch�PK♥ӕHR↑�[�S���tfconfig/m-/variables.tfUT♣☺�j!:relaxed:��P​:clubs:PK​:heart:ӕHR§ tfconfig/modules.jsonUT​:clubs::relaxed:�j!��RP��RPPPP�N�T�RPRҁp]2�@\=%.♣�Z�X@��P��k↔))PK☺☻ӕHR�S��▼☺{☺♠ tfplanUT♣☺�j!PK​:relaxed::slight_smile:ӕHR� �:heart:bx \:relaxed:tfstateUT​:clubs::relaxed:�j!PK☺☻ӕHR�=�Ch�‼ �☺tfconfig/m-/main.tfUT♣☺�j!PK​:relaxed::slight_smile:ӕHR​:clubs:↑ �:slight_smile:tfconfig/m-/variables.tfUT​:clubs::relaxed:�j!ӕHR ��k↔))§ ☻♥tfconfig/modules.jsonUT♣☺�j!PK​:clubs::spades::clubs::clubs:`:relaxed:w​:heart:

I use UTF 8 as a encoding format in windows10 and pycharm.

Which terraform version are you using?

Hi @KamenYovchev,

It looks like your file isn’t a valid Terraform source file.

My first guess here would be that you ran terraform plan and so you now have a saved plan file with a filename that suggests that it is a Terraform configuration file. If so, you could fix this by deleting and then creating your saved plan with a different name that doesn’t use a suffix that Terraform uses for another purpose. A typical filename for a saved plan file is tfplan.