Invalid job type: "sysbatch"


Nomad doc refers to the sysbatch scheduler (Schedulers | Nomad by HashiCorp and job Stanza - Job Specification | Nomad by HashiCorp)
but in my deployment we don’t have access to this.

With this definitions I get the error: Invalid job type: “sysbatch”

job “tsm-sapi-clean” {
datacenters = [“dc-a”, “dc-b”, “dc-c”]

type = “sysbatch”
periodic {
cron = “0 * * * * *”
prohibit_overlap = true
time_zone = “Europe/Zurich”

group “abc-grp” {
task “abc-task” {

I dont manage to find if this is version specific and when it was introduced in Nomad compared to the version v1.1.4 we run.

Many thanks for your help.

Hi @akhodaba :wave:

You have found an upcoming feature of Nomad 1.2.0 that hasn’t been released yet :sweat_smile:

The website picked the changes accidentally during the previous release. I will update our website to make a note of the release version.

In the meantime, if you are interested in trying out this new feature you can build a custom binary from our main brach and provide us any feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Just keep in mind that this is an unreleased feature, so it’s not suitable for production use yet.


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