Invalid legacy provider address

Error: Invalid legacy provider address

This configuration or its associated state refers to the unqualified provider

You must complete the Terraform 0.13 upgrade process before upgrading to later

My terraform version is: Terraform v0.14.2 (Let me know if I need to downgrade)

  1. Downgrade to Terraform 0.13

  2. Run an apply. The apply must modify the state. If the apply says there are no changes to apply, temporarily add a resource "null_resource" "some_name" {} to your configuration, just so there is something to change. You can take it out again once the apply has happened.

  1. Upgrade to Terraform 1.x, paying attention to the upgrade guides for the versions you pass.

@maxb Is it possible to schedule google meet ?? I’m confused here, why are you asking me to execute apply command, it will corrupt the previous *state file isn’t it ? I do not wanna to mess the existing infrastructure.

Sorry, no. I’m happy to respond here at my convenience, but I’m not here to provide free professional consultancy services.

I’m confused, why are you making an unsubstantiated claim that a standard terraform apply operation will “corrupt” anything?

Furthermore, quoting from the relevant official upgrade guide at

For this upgrade in particular, completing the upgrade will require running terraform apply with Terraform 0.13 after upgrading in order to apply some upgrades to the Terraform state, and we recommend doing that with no other changes pending.

So don’t “mess” with it. Verify the apply will not be changing anything of note before confirming it.