Invalidate KV after reading it out

i have an simple use case, but i don’t find any answer of how to do it, perhaps because i do not have the right search term / topics and i would really appreciate any help.

So, i have a bunch of Username / Password combinations which i get from a different Team which manage them. I have an application, where i always need to pick the next pair of user/pass and provision an application with it. And then this pair is invalid. ATM i’m using a Keepass store for this task (manuel operation) and i want to automate this e.g. with vault.

So my questions are: Is this possible? How to insert the combinations and invalidate them once fetched?

Thanks in advance for any help or pointing me in any direction!
Best regards,

Vault’s Response Wrapping might be the way to go here. These are single-use and time bound tokens (whichever occurs first).