iOS app development workflow

Was wondering if there are any iOS developers using a “nomad” workflow on a m1 silicon. Looking to utilize AWS M1 instances as clients if possible. What I am finding is the only driver available is the “raw_exec” driver, which does not provide good isolation. Any suggestions on a decent workflow that will still provide some sort of isolation across jobs? Also looked into possibly utilizing “tart/cirrus-cli” that would spin up “native” m1 images on the m1 aws vms but trying to wrap my head around a template via nomad-packs and that hurts my head. SCM being utilized right now is bitbucket cloud. Would also be utilizing fastlane to perform actions once in the job.

This might be not be the best use case but if we can get it to work would be a big win and might be our way “in” to utilizing nomad for other development workflows.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.