Ip changed : no SSH, though #8528 fix [vsphere-iso]


I’m trying to use Packer 1.7.2 to install an ubuntu-20.04.2.
(My first issue is that I don’t understand why Packer is trying to SSH into the guest, but I can easily live without understanding that.)
My second issue is that after its first boot, the VM is changing its ip, and Packer keeps trying to SSH into the first saw ip.
This issue is described here :

and it sounds solved.

As I’m using Packer 1.7.2, I was confident this fix would help me, but nope, I’m still facing the same issue.

I’ve also tried to follow Nick’s advices about late-commands here :

but the ip keeps changing (and I think it’s sane).

About the #8528 fix, do I have to add some additional directives in my setup files, or should that be fix on its own?

Thank you.


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I am having same issues as you with Packer v1.8.2 using Hyper-V. Once the VM reboots in during the provisioning phase the new IP address is not picked up and build fails.