IPV6 and advertise or bind =[::] logs invalid host for discovery

Setting the bind to [::] seems to pass the IPv6 for advertisement, after the initial join commands passing ok, it starts propagating errors with mixing the IPv6 and port to a bad lookup format.

if I set the advertise param, with {{IP_ADDRESS}} has the same result, and when I set the advertise to [{{IP_ADDRESS}}] complains for bad format for advertise_addr

using docker and passing the params from the entry point

agent -advertise=[{{IP_ADDRESS}}] -bind=[::] -bootstrap-expect=3 -retry-join=[{{APP_NAME}}-consul-server-01] -retry-join=[{{APP_NAME}}-consul-server-02] -retry-join=[{{APP_NAME}}-consul-server-03] -client=[::] -datacenter=Tokyo -data-dir=/consul/data -domain=cluster.local -server -ui -disable-host-node-id


agent -advertise=[{{IP_ADDRESS}}] -bind=[::] -client=[::] -join=[{{APP_NAME}}-consul-server-01] -retry-join=[{{APP_NAME}}-consul-server-01] -datacenter=Tokyo -data-dir=/var/lib/consul -domain=cluster.local -disable-host-node-id

also I noticed the initial setup after all starts, lists all the agents as servers, none of the as client

consul version: 1.8.5

This sounds like a bug report, isn’t it? Maybe you should open an issue for this.

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Sure, sounds like it is, I was hopping I was missing a configuration flag or so, but I can’t find anything more
I will open one