IPv6 only cluster TCP port 8302 bug?

Hi there,

I would like to setup an ipv6 [only] consul cluster.
I have some issue and my firewall complain about strange traffic. First I search mistake on firewall side but I see an interesting things: the ipv6 is good on TCP port 8301 (LAN serf) but wrong on port 8302 (WAN serf).

my server is fd00::3:6
on firewall side I see:


What’s wrong ? the port 8302 is append on the ipv6.
Before I raise an issue I would to know if someone has a successful setup (ipv6 only of course)


Hi @Yann,

Do you mind sharing a copy of your agent configuration file (with sensitive information redacted) so that we can attempt to reproduce this?



Consul v1.11.1
Revision 2c56447e
Protocol 2 spoken by default, understands 2 to 3 (agent will automatically use protocol >2 when speaking to compatible agents)


datacenter = “verry”
data_dir = “/opt/consul”
node_name = “kiwi”
ui_config {
enabled = true
server = true
bind_addr = “fd00::3:6”
encrypt = “mysuperkey”

You can’t add bracket in bind_addr. If I try with listen all (with bracket this time) [::] same error