Is anyone still running into "Vagrant gathered an unknown Ansible version" when trying to provision with `ansible provision`?

The “Vagrant gathered an unknown Ansible version” error has cropped up recently for me when trying to use the Ansible provisioner.

The Internet says this was fixed with a recent Vagrant sometime in the last couple of years. I’ve made sure I am on a recent-enough Vagrant and Ansible.

There are two failure modes (best I can tell), one falling back to version 1.8, and one back to 2.0. Neither of these are recent enough for me to get my playbook to run as expected.

My versions:
ansible [core 2.15.0]
Vagrant 2.3.6

What am I missing?


Hi there,

If you create a new issue on GitHub and include all the requested information in the template, I’ll take a look at this.



have the same issue

did U solve it ?