Is it expected run Docker container on bridge network even though Group level network mode is set to host

Hello Nomad team, we are currently exploring the Nomad platform by porting over the existing EC2/Docker-based application.
Currently, we have a single container per EC2 setup with the container network set to host so we have set the Task Group’s network mode to host and thought it is similar to what we have but triaging the issue, we found that the docker still running on the Bridge network.

  1. Is this expected to run the container in bridge mode even when the task group is set to host?
  2. if so, can we make a Docker container to run the host network when Group’s network is set to Bridge mode to avoid nested networking?

Hi @krundru,

Would you be able to provide an example job specification so we could better understand your setup?

jrasell and the Nomad team