Is it fair to sysprep in shutdown mode through Packer?

Quick question right here :slight_smile:

I made a Windows Server 2022 gold image thanks to Packer and I use the following shutdown_command:

shutdown_command = "C:\\Windows\\system32\\sysprep\\sysprep.exe /unattend:E:\\sysprep.xml /quiet /generalize /oobe /shutdown"

(Note : i’m doing this for keeping network drivers while syspreping, else, Packer gets hung forever, more details here : )
The sysprep.xml contains simple stuff mentioned in the link above.

My question is quite simple :
Does making the sysprep in shutdown mode is fair ?
i mean, if i clone this gold image, it will starts properly and ask for OOBE details (admin password etc…) but
does it means that all SIDs are re-generated ?

Thanks a lot !

Well, after reading a lot of documentation and testing, i’m able to say that it seems fair to do it that way.

According to this website but also many others articles, i understood that sysprep “shutdown” mode clean up the current VM then once the VM will start again (or cloned) it will start on OOBE mode.

After trying some tests, I finally found out that SIDs are re-generated (you can check it with PsGetSid tool) in that way, so it’s pretty fair to use this method.