Is it possible to create a VMware workstation OVF or OVA (without vsphere)

Successfully created a Ubuntu 18.04 vagrant box and running Ansible to configure
Great that covers a “Dev” box

Now, I want to use the same Ubuntu ISO and scripts ( and to create a VMware Workstation OVA or OVF. In every example, that I’ve seen I have to use vSphere DataCenter, and considering I’m simply studying the practice of using Packer (at home), I don’t have vSphere available to me.

I’m interested in eventually converting the Workstation VM into AWS using AWS VM import tools. I realize that I can use Packer to create an AWS Image, but I’m really looking to create my own Workstation image and use that same image in AWS.

So bottom line, is it possible to create my own ISO or OVF, OVA for Workstation without using vSphere?

It’s possible! Use the “vmware-iso” builder rather than the “vsphere-iso” builder: VMware ISO - Builders | Packer by HashiCorp

Is there any possible method like “virtualbox-ovf” on vmware? because from iso is not support ed on amazon linux