Is it possible to deploy a Job when it has a service check on warning?

For some reasons we have a job with a defined service check that reports a warning, and that’s fine for us. But since the check is within the job specification, Nomad fails to deploy the job.

Is there any way to ignore this warning and deploy the job while keeping the check in the warning state?

We’ve tried with this:
on_update = “ignore_warnings” and
check_restart.ignore_warnings = true

But it doesn’t seem to work, the Nomad job deploys correctly and dies after 5 minutes.

This is our .hcl block

      on_update = "ignore_warnings"
      check {
        name     = "sample-check"
        type     = "http"
        interval = "30s"
        timeout  = "5s"
        tls_skip_verify = true
        port     = "api"
        protocol = "http"
        path = "/v1/health"
        on_update = "ignore_warnings"
        check_restart {
          limit = "3"
          grace = "180s"
          ignore_warnings = true