Is it possible to move using 'moved' code inline route from aws_route_table to aws_route

Hi All, Is it possible to move an inline route from aws_route_table to aws_route?

## aws_route_table, need to move the inline route a new aws_route block.

resource "aws_route_table" "example" {
 vpc_id =
 count = length(var.availability_zone)

 route {
   cidr_block = ""
   gateway_id =



resource "aws_route" "route" {


No and in fact you can’t even import the routes to aws_route because you can’t remove the “old” ones from the state file afterwards, since you can’t remove the aws_route_table resource as whole (you’d need to modify the state file manually - don’t do it).

moved {
  from = module.security_group.aws_security_group.sg_8080
  to   = module.web_security_group.aws_security_group.this[0]

I am talking about the moved feature, the resource “aws_route” “route” is going to the new code block where the route code goes to.

That only works for the same resource type