Is it possible to set the admin user in the config?

Hi all
I’m currently setting up Boundary with docker compose and am quite confused because i read that only the dev mode creates an admin account as a default and on the other hand the sources that say, that you should define an account doesent tell how.

Currently im starting boundary in productive mode and when initializing boundary an admin account is printed in the docker logs.
If possible i would like to define this account beforehand in the configuration file because im setting the whole thing up with ansible and it would just make things easier.

Sorry if i just overread something. I personally find the docs rather confusing than staight forward :sweat_smile:

Kind regards

I only found this:

but it throws me this error:

flag provided but not defined: -login-name

so i guess this is only defined for the dev mode

You actually get the default admin two ways:

  1. Running in dev mode
  2. Running in production mode, where you ran boundary database init without specifying not to create the default admin.

You can control how (or whether) the admin account gets created by database init by passing additional flags. If you choose not to have the admin account auto-created, you then can use the recovery KMS auth option to create the initial set of resources. (For infrastructure-as-code scenarios with Boundary, people often do want to start essentially with an empty shell like that and then use Terraform or Ansible to build up from zero.)