Is there a way to associate an Integration Service Environments with Logic Apps via Terraform?

Is there a way to associate an Integration Service Environment with Logic Apps via Terraform?

I have been trying various options over the past few days and could n 't get the Logic Apps listed under the Logic Apps section in ISE via Terraform.

Could you please suggest.

Thanks in advance…

Hi Hashicorp team, Can someone please help on this.



Based on Azure documentation, are you referencing the Integration Services Environment under the Location dropdown? If so, I dug into the Terraform provider source code, specifically the location parameter. It does not implement the Integration Services Environment.

Most parameters and features don’t get immediately added to the provider until they are in the main SDK. The azure-go-sdk has the IntegrationServiceEnvironmentsClient in preview.

If you would like this to be a feature to be implemented, you can open a Feature Request! Definitely include the documentation pointing to the ability to link the Integration Service Environment to the Azure Logic App Workflow and add as much information into the template as possible.