Is there a way to override upstream max_connections parameter for envoy connect?


I’m trying to increase the below parameters from 1024 to a higher number for the connect.sidecar_task

The way I’m doing it today is modifying the values and rebuilding the docker image, then passing my new image to the sidecar_task:

connect {
  sidecar_task {
    config {
      image = "docker_hub/my_envoy"

I wonder if I can simply override this parameters by passing the arguments to the container or merging my version of envoy_bootstrap.json on container start.


Hi @Dgotlieb

Thanks for using Nomad!

I found this documentation that shows how to pass a custom envoy_bootstrap.json file. I suspect that if you were to define a mount for your version of the file and then use the path where the example shows ${NOMAD_SECRETS_DIR}/envoy_bootstrap.json you’d get the behavior you are looking for. Seems like you could also use a template. It just depends on what’s better for your use case.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi @DerekStrickland,
First, Thanks for your super quick reply!

I didn’t mention that I already opened this question at the Envoy repo to get some more information.

It seems that the object I’m trying to modify is called circuit_breakers which based on the answer is at the cluster level (and not at the sidecar_task).

I realized that they could not understand the use case of Nomad connect and this is why I’m asking here in the hope that you will be able to guide me how to connect the 2 points.


If it’s at the cluster level, then I suspect you need to focus on Consul configuration rather than Nomad. Here’s an issue that discusses how some other users have gotten it working and also what Consul features are used to support circuit breaking with Envoy. I’d also suggest looking at their discuss forum. Sorry to redirect you elsewhere, but hopefully it gets you to the information you need.