Is there a way to reference AWS Lambda function as a data entity in the New Relic provider?

I’ve been going over documentation and I do see a way to instrument your AWS function with New Relic (A necessary step, and which is prior to using Terraform itself). However, in going over the documentation for the New Relic provider, it isn’t clear that in the New Relic Terraform, the AWS Lambda function can be referenced as a data entity:

I see an APM as a data entity such as in:

data "newrelic_entity" "app" {
  name = "my-app"
  domain = "APM"
  type = "APPLICATION"
  tag {
    key = "my-tag"
    value = "my-tag-value"

However, it isn’t clear what domain and type combination from the above documentation - and shown below - would be used to reference an AWS lambda function whose data is in New Relic, if possible at all, at this current time:

  • type - (Optional) The entity’s type. Valid values are APPLICATION, DASHBOARD, HOST, MONITOR, and WORKLOAD.
  • domain - (Optional) The entity’s domain. Valid values are APM, BROWSER, INFRA, MOBILE, SYNTH, and VIZ. If not specified, all domains are searched.

This is a really needed feature if it is not already available, since perhaps for many, AWS Lambda data in New Relic is a basic and needed data source.

Any update on this? NewRelic is able to detect the lambda, its execution parameters, but it doesn’t look possible to reference it?
I would expect domain == INFRA and type == AWSLAMBDAFUNCTION, as per the NR One URL

Any update on this?