Is there an equivalent of azapi for GCP

For Azure azapi comes to rescue when terrform does not support it directly. Is there an similar one for GCP.


Hi @sreedhar.bobbadi,

I’m not sure about a direct equivalent to azapi_resource; I believe that’s relying on some specific details of how Azure Resource Manager is designed which allows treating all resource types generically with a single set of operations, and so for something like that to be available for Google Cloud Platform there would need to be an equivalent generic API for Google Cloud Platform.

You might be able to get a similar effect using google_deployment_manager_deployment, which wraps the Google Cloud Deployment Manager API and thus allows you to use any resource type that Deployment Manager supports, but at the expense of managing them only indirectly with Terraform (because it will be Deployment Manager actually directly managing those objects).

Note that the Google Cloud Platform provider is already largely generated from the Google Cloud Platform API schemas, and so although it might not be able to dynamically support arbitrary operations, supporting for new API features in Google Cloud Platform tends to require less work on the part of the provider development team than it does for other providers where the provider must have custom-written support for each resource type.