Is there any way/workaround, to express a simple dependency(prestart) with nomad file (nomad 0.9x)

  Hi, we are running application dockers at nomad 0.9x. we have some policies so we could not upgrade our nomad cluster till next year. I know nomad 0.11 has a lifecycle that supports prestart. but not in nomad 0.9x.   Is there any way, for nomad 0.9x , we could workaround with that? 
  My specific case is that I have two docker jobs A, B, B  depends on A's start(or health check)
  I am wondering if there some action/settings/script at the nomad level to handle that.

 One way I thought is to repack/rebuild B to delay the real start of B till A is ready. but it will be really the last way we could do according to policy. 

Do we have any other way to do that? preferred at the nomad level which we could control

Sound like a Jobs for the autopilot pattern:

It’s a workaround on the Docker/ container level, not Nomad. But maybe it could help you out 'til you can upgrade to >=0.11. :wink: