Is two node cluster supported in nomad?

I just started using the nomad and i observed that it uses RAFT.
Currently i was doing a PoC on two node support for our project.
Is two node Nomad supported ?

If yes, I would really appreciate if someone can provide the link for documentation.

Thanks !!

Hi @prnvkv,

The Nomad agent supports running in two modes; server and client so the answer depends on whether this is a cluster of two servers, or one server and one client. The best practice is to run Nomad servers at an odd number of one, three, five, or seven depending on your fault tolerance requirement and resource availability. The consensus concepts page has more information and specifically a deployment table which might be useful.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Thank you very much @jrasell .
I was looking for two node (two server) setup.
Its basically a traditional Active-Active and Active-Passive kind of a setup.
I agree that the best practice is to have odd number setup (3, 5, 7 etc.). But the requirement mandates the two nodes setup too :slight_smile:
I had used k3s which also supports two nodes based on the underlying external datastore.

I will definitely go through these links.