Is Vault HA available in community edition?

I have seen multiple references which say Vault community edition can be setup as HA cluster on production, also have seen references which say it is only available in Enterprise edition.

Just wanted to check is the high availability available only for Vault enterprise or is it the performance standby the feature that is missing in community edition.

We have a few clients who want to move to Vault Enterprise but want to get the gist of it first, so we are thinking of setting up HA Vault cluster and then do a POC.

Please help me get clarity on this topic.

Hi ananthkamath,

HA is an OSS feature. In OSS the non-active nodes are just hot standbys, whereas in Enterprise they’re performance standbys which can service requests that don’t need to write to storage. In either case, requests that can’t be serviced locally (all requests in the case of OSS) will be automatically forwarded to the active node.


Thank you for providing the clarity ncabatoff.