Issue adding backup container when creating analysis services

I created a storage account and container. The issue is that only the storage account is configured for analysis server backup and the container is not selected.
So in the backup tab if the below was “storageaccount\containername”
it only configures “storageaccount”
Container code

resource "azurerm_storage_container" "container_analysis_services" {
    name                        = var.container_name
    storage_account_name        =
    container_access_type       = "private"

data "azurerm_storage_account_blob_container_sas" "account_sas" {

    connection_string           = azurerm_storage_account.storage_account.primary_connection_string

    container_name              =

    https_only                  = true

resource "azurerm_analysis_services_server" "analysis_services_server" {

    name                        = "${var.analysis_server_name}" #var.analysis_server_name

    location                    = var.location

    resource_group_name         = "${var.resource_group_name}"

    sku                         = "S0"

    admin_users                 = var.list_aasadmins

    tags                        = var.tags

    querypool_connection_mode   = "All"

    enable_power_bi_service     = true

    backup_blob_container_uri   = "https://${var.storage_account_name}${var.container_name}/${var.aas_token}"