Issue extracting list with multiple members from resources

Details with examples are described at The output of List format is incorrect when use plan.find_resources or tfplan.resource_changes · Issue #326 · hashicorp/terraform-guides · GitHub

Is this normal?

How do we address the questions in that issue?

Hey there @bonvoy88 -

Thank you for providing detailed examples of the behavior that you are describing. This is simply how the print function formats lists, and does not actually impact the structure of the list itself.

You can see this demonstrated here(please note this is very specifically intended only to show the list contents), where I printed out information about the ports list that verifies it has the correct number of items and contents:

That being said, we are investigating further as to whether the commas should be preserved in print function outputs, and I will update this thread with that answer soon.

To follow up- the list print format is expected behavior for software written in go.

You can see this in action here:

You can format print outputs to include commas in lists by using the strings sentinel import, as demonstrated here: