Issue in running for_each loop on data source to fetch multiple id

Hello Team,

I have stuck at one point.Below is my variable file which list of user.

azureUsersAccessList = [

Now i need to fetch the descriptor id for these users, using data source as mentioned below

data "azuredevops_users" "azure_user_descriptor_id" {
  for_each = toset(var.azureUsersAccessList)
  principal_name = each.value

But when i run it and try to see the output.i can only see one id…i add the id of above to into a list format as this need to passed into below resource block

resource "azuredevops_team_members" "example-team-members" {
  project_id =
  team_id    =
  mode       = "add"
  members = ["member_id_descriptor","member_id_descriptor"] -- this where the id need come-in in list format
  depends_on = [

Can anyone please let me know how it can be done?
Would be really thankful