Issue on Vault UI - page reload results in 404

Hi everyone.

Having a weird issue with the Vault UI… When I’m on a path within a secrets engine mounted on a path with slashes (like aaa/bbb/ccc), and if I reload the page I always get a 404 Not found.
Do I need to mount on a “slashless” path to avoid this? Seems like a weird limitation.


The Vault UI is at times finicky. It’s likely s a permission issue with metadata but the better way to find out is to check your audit log to see if it’s a permission issue with the base system or some sort of weird UI bug. If you see the request and response in the log without any errors/warnings then it’s a UI bug, otherwise fix the underlying permission.

It’s not a permission issue, because things otherwise work.
The problem is that the mount path gets urlencoded by the UI, and that breaks things. If I mount into /aaa/bbb then the UI will generate a URL like /aaa%2Fbbb/whatever, and if the browser requests that URL directly (via a rforced eload for example), then you get the 404.
So I just mounted on a single word to avoid it.