Issue with Alibaba alicloud_eci_container_group tf version v1.118.0

I couldn’t run the Basic Usage from the Terraform document due to no resource “alicloud_security_group” “group” and data “alicloud_vpcs” “default”.

There is a bug in the terraform document.

I don’t think it works !!

My error msg:
terraform-provider-alicloud/alicloud/resource_alicloud_eci_container_group.go:729: Resource id:eci-d7o :
timeout while waiting for state to become ‘Running, Succeeded’ (last state: ‘Pending’, timeout: 20m0s)

e[0m on line 13, in resource “alicloud_eci_container_group” “example”:
13: resource “alicloud_eci_container_group” "example

Any ideas