Issue with aws_dms_replication_config in Terraform - Error when Setting start_replication to true


I am experiencing a specific issue with the Terraform AWS provider’s aws_dms_replication_config resource. When I try to change the configuration and set start_replication to true, I consistently receive the following error:

Error: starting DMS Serverless Replication (<resource name>): InvalidResourceStateFault: Replication for Replication Config: <resource_name> is in MODIFYING state and cannot start

This suggests that the DMS Replication is in a MODIFYING state and cannot start replication yet. I’m wondering if this might be a bug in the provider or if there’s a workaround in the configuration to avoid this issue.

Here are the specifics of my setup:

  • Terraform Version: v1.6.3
  • AWS Provider Version: v5.30.0
  • Resource: aws_dms_replication_config

I have reviewed the code at this GitHub link for any clues but haven’t been able to find a solution.

I would appreciate any insights or advice on how to resolve this. Has anyone else encountered this issue, and how did you manage to resolve it?

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