Issue with AWS Glue Classifier Grok Pattern

Hi All -

Currently developing a TF template inclusive of some glue services. When attempting to init the template, I am prompted with the below error:

Error: Invalid template control keyword

on, in resource "aws_glue_classifier" "SrcPlanClassifier":
grok_pattern   = "%{DATA:col},%{DATA:col2},%{DATA:col3},"%{DATA:col4}",% . 
{DATA:col5},%{DATA:col6},%{DATA:col7},%{DATA:col8},%{DATA:col9},%{DATA:col10},% . 

"DATA" is not a valid template control keyword.

This template is the result of translating an existing CloudFormation template to Terraform, so the pattern has worked in the past. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for the help!

I don’t see DATA as a valid string template directive in the documentation, are you sure this has been working previously?

This issue here was to escape the ‘%’ symbol by doubling it up. That escape resolved my issue. Hope this helps someone in the future!