Issue with DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped#64262

Good morning,

I know the CDKTF team is aware of the issue with the breaking changes in DefinitelyTyped. I am wondering if there’s a suggested workaround in the meantime (e.g. one could use the brew-based install of cdktf --I will give that a try in Linux) , and/or if there’s anything one can do to help the team with this issue (someone was recommending using the version of JSII from Github and not the one published via npm, which is indeed using a rather old version of Typescript)

Thanks very much!

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PS: I don’t see any open issues in the JSII Github, even though my understanding is that JSII is also (and mainly) broken.

Hi @schapirama :wave:

Sorry for the late reply. We have since released v0.15.4 with a fix for this problem.

A good workaround (also useful if such dependency problems come up again in the future) was posted here by another Github user: Typescript errors from cdktf get · Issue #2610 · hashicorp/terraform-cdk · GitHub

That said, thank you for mentioning me on your post on the DefinitelyTyped discussion! Appreciated that!

– Ansgar

Thanks very much, @ansgarm ! I have just verified that everything is working fine (things were working with 0.15.3 when installed with brew, but I was also building a Docker image with Go on Alpine, and there the installation was via npm and more complicated.)

Thanks for the quick fix --much appreciated.


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