Issue with Ubuntu Boot-Command in Packer

Hi everyone,
I’m having an issue with Packer regarding boot-command for Ubuntu server/desktop. Specifically, I’m using Packer to build a box for Vagrant, but when using boot-command and the “config.cfg” file referenced from various sources online, it doesn’t work for me. Can you please suggest any solutions to this problem?
Below are the ISO information I’m currently using:
1804: ubuntu-18.04.6-live-server-arm64.iso
2004: ubuntu-20.04.5-live-server-arm64.iso
2204: ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-arm64.iso
1804: ubuntu-18.04.6-desktop-amd64.iso
2004: ubuntu-20.04.5-desktop-amd64.iso
2204: ubuntu-22.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso

VM provider: HyperV

Thank you very much!

Could you please post your build and/or config file or debug traces to see what you’re trying to do ?