Issues initializing the GCS backend


I’m trying to run terraform with a GCP backend and I have issues with module initialisation. The error looks like this:

Error: Error parsing credentials '~/.config/gcloud/terraform.json': invalid character '~' looking for beginning of value

And config looks like this:

terraform {
  backend "gcs" {
    bucket      = "xxxx"
    prefix      = "xxx"
    credentials = "~/.config/gcloud/terraform.json"

I should also mention that this works locally, but I’m having issues when this is initialised inside Atlantis.

The command executed there looks like this:

running "/atlantis/bin/terraform0.14.9 init -input=false -no-color -upgrade" in "/atlantis/repos/xxxx/xxxxxe/1/default/terraform/xxxxx": exit status 1