Iterate through map of sets and extract specific element

Hi All,
I am trying to iterate though a map of sets in my configuration which seems to work fine but I additionally have a requirement to extract a single element out of that as well , any help would be appreciated. Below is the code

variable "subnets" {
  type   = map(set(object({
     name = string
     nets   = set(string)
     deploy_true = bool

locals {
  net_pulls = flatten([for a in keys(var.subnets): 
    [for v in var.subnets[a]:
        net_name =
        net_type   = v.nets
        net_deploy = v.deploy_true

real_net_work = < extract single net_name here>

resource "key" "name" {
    for_each = {for c in local. net_pulls: c => c.net_name }

Could you give an example input and desired output, to clarify what you mean by that?