Java Spring Boot with Istio, Consul Key/Value Store and Vault


Istio service mesh addresses most of the needs for service discovery and monitoring, but one of the most important feature in Spring Boot microservices is application properties and secrets. Can we use Consul Key/Value Store and Vault for application properties and secrets with Istio? Using Kubernetes ConfigMap is a hassle when there are lot of application properties. Do you have any other thoughts for Spring Cloud Config in Kubernetes, where the configs are version controlled using GitHub?


Hi @subhankarde we have not tested and not with Istio but if you are using Consul for specific use cases you can likely interface with Consul over the HTTP API.

As far as Istio Service Mesh, I’m curious to know if you have feedback for us on Consul Service Mesh or if you were perhaps able to try it out? It does sound like Consul can also meet a majority of your use cases but I understand if that decision has already been made prior to you looking into this.


I am researching if it is possible to use the best of Istio & Consul. We use Spring Cloud on CloudFoundary and we heavily use Spring Cloud Config Server. I am curious to know if there is any easy migration path for a Spring Boot microservice from CF to K8s.