K8S job server-acl-init failed to switch to Consul server

Consul Server Version : 1.14.2
Consul Helm Version : 1.0.2
Kubernetes version : 1.24.8

I try to set up Consul agent on my Kubernetes instance with external Consul server.
I set in the values.yml all the needed parameter (hosts, k8sauthMethodHost, useSystemRoots, acl, bootstrapToken, tls certificate, encrypt, manageSystemAcls, Client.join)

Unfortunately, when the job server-acl-init run, it failed with the following issue : “failed to switch to Consul server "HIDDEN_CONSUL_SERVER_IP:8502": target sub-connection is not ready (state=TRANSIENT_FAILURE)”"

The 8502 port is my grpc port without tls.

I don’t really know what is wrong, do you have any idea ?

Thanks in advance