K8S syncCatalog with an existing Consul cluster

Hi guys!

I’m doing some R&D on k8s lately. I do have an exiting Consul cluster installed on VMs. I freshly installed a k8s cluster on VMs hosted on the same virtualization platform (a private vSphere environment).

Now I would like to enable the service catalog sync to be able to consume the k8s services directly from my Consul service catalog (my loadbalancers are actually using Consul-template to generate their configuration).

I’ve been reading some documentation on how to achieve that (Service Sync for Consul on Kubernetes | Consul by HashiCorp) but It’s not very clear to me. It seems I need to install a consul cluster on my k8s cluster when I just want to sync the service catalog.

Do I actually need to install a new Consul cluster on my k8s cluster to sync it with the existing one? If not, how do I do to sync the services the easiest way?

Thanks in advance for the insight :slight_smile: