Kafka Connect Addition

Currently, we are trying to implement Kafka connect with our new Kafka cluster. This is able to be done via the AWS console however as it is a new service we noticed it is not in Terraform.

Until it is available in Terraform I have been having to make separate API calls to:
aws kafkaconnect list-custom-plugins
aws kafkaconnect create-custom-plugin
aws kafkaconnect list-connectors
aws kafkaconnect create-connector

This should be able to create a new plugin and connector under “Custom plugins” and “Connectors” tab (Under MSK Connect).

Is it possible if someone would be able to implement this?



I agree, it looks like we can create custom plugins with the aws_mskconnect_custom_plugin resource but it doesn’t look like there is a resource for connectors yet.

Thats frustrating…so only option then is to use resources for plugin and worker config BUT boto3 provisioner maybe for the connector? Thats very brittle creating that resource out of band from TF state