Kamatera hosting falsely advertises support to Terraform, please remove from Registry

Kamatera advertises it supports Terraform, including in the Terraform Registry.
However their implementation is really rudimentary, which would be ok if they were willing
to support it… according to them: “we do not support Terraform” … their object implementation is lacking. Simply doesn’t work as it should and they do not provide support.
Please, I just wasted multiple hours with them and this message is just so the next person doesn’t have to fall for this trap as they actively advertise their support (including via Hitashi’s Registry ) and they gain subscribers this way, which is wrong. Please Hitashi, remove Kamatera from the Registry as according to Kamatera and I quote “We do not support Terraform”
Do not sign up for this host if you are using Terraform
( unless you have a time machine and can waste lots of time, in this case go for it )